VTY-Captains Training Event
Date:2016-5-3 16:12:22From:鸿洲卡纳

     A Captains Training was held by VTY on April the 25th was attended by more about 120 captains, coming from all the different yacht clubs in Sanya and many yacht companies.

     VTY Operational Manager, Mr. Pietro Barucca, gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the event. After that it was the turn of VTY Customer Service Manger, Mr. Hulk Hu, who introduced the business scope and the many different services offered by VTY stressing out the importance of the yearly hull maintenance. Mr.Hu also announced that the new made in Italy 160-ton boat hoist ordered by VTY will be ready for us in July this year.

VTY Operational Manager Pietro Barucca

VTY Customer Service Manager Hulk Hu

     Three more training topics followed, delivered by VTY partner companies representatives: Raymarine electronic devices; Yanmar engines; Shurhold and Starbriteyacht maintenance products. All of these are renowned brands in the Chinese market, installed and used on most yachts, for which VTY has been appointed as local dealer and service point.

     Through the training, the captains had the opportunity to know more about Raymarine electronic devices and different models of Yanmar engines. The representatives from both sides also did Q&A about some problems from daily use of the products.

     Now it is quite hard for Chinese captains and sailors to be really good at using different devices on-board. But the fact is that the more they exchange opinions, the more experienced they will be. It is a very good chance for them to improve if training like this is provided by VTY regularly.

Raymarine- Xiamen Xinxiang Zhuhai Office:Wenzhong Li

Yanmar- South China Director of Shanghai Yikang


     The captains were invited to watch the process of how to apply the hull anti-fouling paint by spray paint. For most of the captains, it was their first time to experience this kind of technique. During the demonstration, Hulk Huexplained to all the captains the working process of how to spray anti-fouling paint. The paint spray technique used by VTY is different from the traditional roll tachnique. It not only saves time, but also makes the paint more even and smooth. The captains were really impressed by it.

Filling up with anti-fouling paint

Anti-fouling paint spray

Q&A to the captains by Hulk Hu

     The whole hull paint was finished when the training was over. It took only two hours by only one person.  

     Free time activity especially for the captains was provided at the training. During the activity, they came to VTY Accessories Center to listen to the workers to generally introduce the products for sale. Now there are about 20 brands cooperating with VTY including yacht maintenance products, engines, electronic devices on-board, sailboat and motorboat accessories, leisure sailing products and relevant brands. The range of the products is wide including Yanmar, Raymarine, Shurhold & Starbrite, Seakeeper, Besenzoni, Cunmins Onan, SLAM, Glanneschi, Marinetech 316, Farecla, Mobil and so on. You are able to find almost all the products you need here.

     VTY Yacht Accessories Center is located on the first floor of VTY shipyard. The size is about 270 square meters. It is the biggest yacht accessories center in Hainan so far. It officially opened about two months ago. It is the first time for some captains to come here since it opened. Most of them said that:”the price is reasonable and I will come back here again”

Introduction of the products

Customers benefit from the full service of VTY. They are offered not only the products, but also a complete and professional service system from installation to adjustment, training and after sales service here.




     During the dinner party, the captains enjoyed some good food and lucky draw. The first prize was an e-bike. Congratulations to the captain who won the first prize.

     The training for this year is finished. But the captains are very welcome to come to VTY to ask for information about yacht maintenance anytime they want to.

     The training was informative and educational. It was short but a great chance for people to get to know each other. Looking forward to next Captains Training.

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