Does the boat owner know the anti-fouling paint?
Date:2015-8-18 14:19:14From:鸿洲卡纳

     Boats are essential when it comes to fishing and sea exploration and the damages caused by sea organism (barnacles among others) have always made ships maintenance a real challenge.

     These aquatic organisms tend to stick to the ship hull, in this way increasing  the water resistance and therefore decreasing the boat’s speed. Since a few years ago the antifouling used to get rid of this fastidious inconvenient was commonly mixed with a poisonous paint that would gradually kill the sub aquatic organism  attached to the boat hull.

     Before, anti-fouling paint used two kinds of toxins:

     1. Cuprous oxide: the cuprous oxide has been used for decades and  is very toxic.

     2. TBT: is an organic compound. Because it can stop the growth of barnacles and algae, is being widely used as additive for hull paint.

     However, utilizing toxic anti-fouling paint can be deadly for fishes swimming around the boat, and damages the marine environment.

     To protect the environment, the paint producers have come up with a new product that will replace the old anti-fouling paint.

     At the moment,VTY uses a new nontoxic, environment friendly anti-fouling paint. For a determined period of time after that the antifouling is being sprayed it will  make the barnacles to  come off without damaging the environment.

     In addition to the selection of high quality paint, VTY made the effort to look for a less expensive but still effective product.

     In order to ensure the efficiency of the paint brand , VTY carried out an experiment on a  catamaran.  They sprayed two different types of paints on each side of the catamaran, after a while we could see  that the less expensive, not well-known brand had actually a better result.

     The experiment proved that the price is not always the best indicator of a product quality.








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