VTY Upgrades Its Technical Level
Date:2015-6-1 15:54:29From:VTY


     In the past few months VTY has been doing very well in the Chinese market, nonetheless to always provide a better service to its costumers the company never ceases to seek further development of its technical skills.

Before and After Maintenance

     The traditional hull bottom cleaning and sanding process takes a lot of time and energy.

     Some spots of the hull are really complicated to clean using the old technique.

     VTY technical staff after careful research has imported a new machine which can drastically improve the efficiency reducing to about one eighth the time needed to clean and sand the hull of a yacht.  

Photos of the New Sanding Technique:

     VTY is the first company in China to apply antifouling paint with airless spraying technology. Compared to the old brush roll technique airless spray painting is not only much faster, which means the owner saves time and money from the dry-docking fees, but deliver also a much better result, for faster and better looking boats. 

Photos of Spraying: 

Measuring the thickness of the coating. 

     With airless spray painting there is no need for the application of 2 coats, the desired pain thickness can be achieved with only one application.


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