VTY became multiple brands’dealer and service center
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     In April 9th-12th ,VTY has joined the Shanghai International Boat Show and has started a partnership with many international brands. It was the first time for VTY to attend the boat show and the company has received widespread interest from the industry professionals attending the event.

The exhibition booth
left to right
VYT operational Manager — Pietro Barucca
VTY Vice GM — Ken Hong

     China (Shanghai) International Boat Show is the most important boat & yacht exhibition in China. CIBS is the only Chinese member of IFBSO.


     During the boat show VTY established a partnership with many international brands to become their dealer or service center:

●Yacht Wireless Remote Controller:Yacht Controller
——————Exclusive Dealer of China


     Yacht Controller is the key to wireless control of a yacht while docking and maneuvering. With almost 10,000 installed systems on more than 150 brands of yachts; ranging in size to over 140 ft, the flawless proven security and dual band dependability of Yacht Controller allows yacht operators to confidently control the movement of their yachts from anywhere on board with absolute precision. Yacht Controller JCS Joystick Control System provides a fixed station control with up to 5 connected joysticks at strategic locations throughout the yacht and can be coupled with a wireless remote for complete and precision yacht control.

Left to right
Yacht Controller Area Manager Middle East & South Asia – Alessio Tumbiolo
VTY GM — Sergio Peterlin
VYT operational Manager — Pietro Barucca

●Famous Shipping Electronic Products Manufacturer: Raymarine
——————Hainan Dealer & Service Center


     It is a world leader in high performance marine electronics for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. Our products are engineered to deliver the very best in visual navigation information and with a legacy of marine navigation technology spanning over 80 years, Raymarine products are renowned today for their ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability. We are constantly innovating to deliver best-in-class sensors and intelligent navigation systems - making your time on the water safer and fun.

Left to right
VTY operational Manager— Pietro Barucca
VTY Vice GM — Ken Hong
Xiamen Sunshine-Marine GM — Yidong Chen
VTY GM — Sergio Peterlin

————Hainan Service Center


     Thrugh the collaboration of their China general dealer XIAMEN NETTUNO YACHT, VTY has partnered with these three world-famous Italian brands:



     GIANNESCHI started in 1969. it focuses on pumps and blowers,unbeatable for quality and performance.From leisure boat about 12m to the yacht almost 120m,we can find Gianneschi's pumps and blowers!



Besenzoni SPA

     Began in 1967.A world leader in the design and manufacturing of boating accessories, Besenzoni Spa manufacturers many products: external and retracting hydraulic gangways, cranes, pilot seats, electric side door and Patio door, bathing ladders and side ladders, sliding roof systems, tender slide, electric windows, hydraulic lifting platforms and many more articles. For forty years now, tradition and innovation have been the driving force behind this company which has successfully combined careful attention to design and aesthetics with intensive research & development work.


Veco-Climma & Frigoboat


     Veco's experience in the marine refrigeration field, together with quality, flexibility & efficiency, makes their solutions the best available in the market.

     The brand FRIGOBOAT covers a wide range of marine refrigeration systems, with DC models suitable up to 50 liters & 230V models, suitable for large cold rooms, standard & custom stainless steel cabinets, wine cellars and completely customized cold rooms.

     The brand CLIMMA represents the state of the art of the marine air-conditioning. From small independent units to customized, centralized chiller systems, fancoils, mistifiers, fresh air make-up units, boilers and air extractors, to manage at 360° the comfort on board.

Row1 left to right
NETTUNO-YANCHT Accessories Sales Manager  - Mr Zheng
Marina Planet GM — Franco Ceroici
Row2 left to right
NETTUNO-YANCHT  Chairman — Emilio Mauro
VTY operational Manager — Pietro Barucca
VTY GM — Sergio Peterlin
Gianneschi Customer Support Manager — Gabriele Ferrari
Veco Sales Director — Giulia Formenti
Besenzoni Export Sales Manager — Dario Tosto

————Haian Service Center


     Thetford has been a world-leading manufacturer for leisure products over the last 50 years.


     Tecma is an original Italian brand that provides well-designed and totally-reliable marine macerator toilets and bidets. Decades of experience and centuries of national traditions have lifted the brand to the top of its trade. Some design features are patented and Tecma products have won numerous international design awards.

Left to right
Ronsil Development— Matthew Chan
Ronsil Development Sales and Marketing Director — Andrew Chan
Thetford Marine Business Unit Manager – Gianluca Silvestri
VTY GM — Sergio Peterlin
Thetford Marine Product Manager – Francesco Blanco
VTY operational Manager — Pietro Barucca

————Hainan Dealer


     SLAM, Top sailing brands of the world,made in Italy. Founded in 1979,devoted to combining functionality and trend at the inception,allowing sailors to get more comfortable and more technical content of sailing clothing.

Left to right
SLAM Managing Partner Asia Region – Michele Gabrielli
VTY GM— Sergio Peterlin
VTY operational Manager— Pietro Barucca

——————Official Partner

     Ever since 1927 Bellotti has been working proficiently and professionally in the industry of wood and its by-products both on the domestic and international market, becoming a synonym of innovation, guarantee of quality and careful customer care.

Left to right
Bellotti Spa — Valentina Bellotti
IAG Yachts interior design director — Franco Tornabe
VTY GM — Sergio Peterlin

VTY and Old Partner: Seakeeper

Left to right
Seakeeper After-Sales Manager
VTY Vice GM — Ken Hong
VTYGM — Sergio Peterlin
Seakeeper Regional Sales Representative — Andy Toh

     In addition,The GM of VTY Sergio Peterlin attended the ”2015 China International Forum on Yacht Design and Construction Technology”and the “Italian Identity Association Yacht Lifestyle”event to discuss and share the yacht industry development concept with insiders.



     VTY achieved so much at Shanghai Boat Show and got lots of support from business partners. This will make VTY stronger and speed up the process of technology import of refit and maintenance.


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