VTY starts a partnership with San Lorenzo for vibration test
Date:2015-11-11 16:27:53From:鸿洲卡纳

San Lorenzo 122SD Lady Cecilia

     Over the last 3 months, VTY has started a partnership with San Lorenzo Yacht and its Asian region dealer Simpson Marine for the supply of technical services.

     San Lorenzo, a renowned Italian yacht builder established in 1958 and is a leading brand in luxury custom-made yacht industry.  It has a worldwide sales network and produces fiberglass and steel super yachts ranging from 24 to 60 meters of length.

     The services provided by VTY to San Lorenzo include a vibration test carried out on two yachts: the San Lorenzo 122SD Lady Cecilia, moored in Hong Kong, and the San Lorenzo 72 Nautilux, moored in Phuket, Thailand.

San Lorenzo 72 Nautilux

     Carrying out a vibration test during a sea trial VTY will be able to determine the entity and the location of the perceived vibration, therefore VTY can come up with solutions for the problem.



Lady Cecilia Test point

     In order to ensure the accuracy of test data, VTY uses only internationally recognized testing equipment, such as Norsonic. Additionally, before the the start of the work, the test equipment is sent to an appointed research laboratory to be calibrated. In this way the accuracy of the test data is fully guaranteed and the deviation is kept to the lowest level. 

Vibration tester "Norsonic"



Tester is placed at the two sides of the master bed

Tester is placed at the two sides of the 72 Nautilux engine room

     VTY was able to take part in this vibration test because VTY’s technology is approved by its customers. Any yacht owner who perceives an abnormal vibration on their yachts can come to VTY for detection test. Professional test services will be provided by VTY. Moreover a piece of internationally accredited report list will be provided after the test in order for the customers to easily know what parts of their yachts should get maintenance. The safety of the yachts during cruising will be guaranteed by eliminating the sources of danger.

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