Teak Deck Re-caulking
Date:2015-10-21 12:44:24From:鸿洲卡纳

     The caulking sealant is likely to deteriorate because of the hot weather in Southern China. VTY will show you how to fix the problem.
Let’s get to know the teak deck before the job starts.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Historic Teak--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Advantages of teak deck.

1. No decomposition.
2. Strong and Stable.
3. Decorative.
4. Good Smell.
5. Comfortable.
6. No salty water corrosion.


     Changing of the sealant is part of the yacht maintenance. Deterioration of the sealant is mainly because of hot temperature.

     Introduction of the technology.

Step 1: Removing the old sealant

     If we don’t use high frequency vibration tools, it will take forever to remove the old sealant. More importantly, it is quite easy to damage the floor using regular tools like knifes.



Perfect gap of the teak floor

Step 2: Cleaning

     To ensure the adhesion of the new sealant, VTY will carefully clean the deak with fresh water and neutral soap.
When the teak deak is dry, VTY will apply masking tape to protect the teak.


Applying masking tape


The teak deak after the application of masking tape

Step 3: Caulking

     Caulking is the most important part. Before caulking VTY will apply sealant primer to ensure perfect adhesion.



     Right after caulking, when the sealant is not dry yet, VTY will remove the masking tape to ensure a clean cut.

Removing the masking tape

     After the sealant is dry VTY will sand the deck lightly to ensure a perfectly smooth and even surface.


Light sanding

     The teak deck looks brand new.

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