Another VTY Craftsmanship---Full Painting
Date:2015-10-21 12:15:34From:鸿洲卡纳

   A yacht does not look so good after exposure to sun, rain and wind for a long time.



New Yacht and Old Yacht Comparison

    So how can we avoid this? Maybe we did not have a good method to deal with this problem in the past, but VTY just launched a new service: Whole Yacht Spray Paint & Renovation. Let’s take a look at this new service.

    First: Whole Yacht Spray Paint & Renovation is carried out in a place where the temperature and humidity are controlled and the place is absolutely dust-free.  
To ensure the best result, VYT invited two experts from Italy to supervise and take part in the work.

    Step 1: Polish the damaged hull to get rid of the old surface and to make the new paint stick to the hull more effectively.


Hull Before Polish


First Polish Done

    Step 2: Application of epoxy filler.  All the small holes, cracks and irregularities of the hull must be carefully filled flush with epoxy filler until the surface is perfectly even.

    What are the characteristics of the epoxy filler?

    Ⅰ It is relatively flexible.The external force that the hull gets during cruising can be reduced, therefore the hull surface will not be cracked.

    Ⅱ It is water repellant so it will ensure there are no water infiltration that can cause a osmosis problem.

    Ⅲ It is easy to polish it.


Hull after epoxy filler application


Surface after epoxy filler application

    Step 3: VTY has to use sand the hull to make sure all the surface is perfectly even.


    Step 4: Spray paint the primer. The primer paint is a protective coat that will protect the boat from humidity and ensure perfect adhesion and long life of the base color. VTY will check whether the hull surface is smooth and even again after the primer is dry.


Surface checking

    Step 5: VTY will set up an air-conditioned tent which has controlled temperature and humidity and is dust-free to ensure the best environment for paint work.


Set Up a Tent


Install Air-conditioning



    Step 6: Spray paint the base color. The base color is the one that will give the boat its final color. Thousands of different colors are available from the major international paint brands, including custom metallic and pastel colors that can be chosen to respray to boat.

    Step 7: Spray paint the clear coat. The clear coat will ensure that the surface is glossy and shine. It is the most delicate part of the job and the one where it is of vital importance that no dust is present otherwise dust particles may be stick to the painting creating an irregular and ugly surface.


Inside the painting tent


Removing the masking cover

    Step 8: Fine sanding and Polishing. This job will ensure that the surface is perfectly smooth, even and shiny.


Fine sanding & Polishing


Mirror surface result

    Now the boat looks brand new.


Work completed

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